3 Things to Consider When Selecting Art as a Gift

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It is believed that Margaret Wolfe Hungerford was the first to write, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." This statement is profoundly true when it comes to art. Buying what you love is the simple rule for building a collection or finding that one piece to cherish. Following that same line of thinking may seem a more complex endeavor when buying art as a gift. This need not be the case as we have a few simple tips to help you find that much loved person a much loved work of art.

1. Don’t Get Stressed, Make it an Adventure

First and foremost, do not become stressed about choosing for someone you know and love. If you have someone in your heart, then you are ready to choose a work of art for that person. Make it an adventure. Think about all the things you love about him or her, and all the things he or she loves. Make mental notes of what they like or don’t like. Take a trip to a museum! Realism, modern art, abstract framed works or sculptures, or impressionist originals are all magnificent options for the art lover in your life.

The Four Peaches

2. It’s the Thought That Counts

Always keep in mind; it truly is the thought that counts. Search for pieces that fit your budget, not overextending yourself. Art does not have to cost a small fortune to create impact and breed thoughtful contemplation, or simply make someone smile. Good art is not always pricey art, but a thoughtful gift is always cherished.

Oceano Series – II

3. Support Living Artists

Art need not be centuries old to be great art. Living artists produce works with as much feeling and skill as art from the old world. Current works of art can recall the old world, transport your loved one to a favorite place, or inspire new desires in life. The feeling put into it and the feelings it evokes are what make it art, not the year it was created.

Mar Sereno, A Fine Art Reproduction

And if on your search you find something that catches your eye… feel free to gift yourself this season, as well! Find that just right piece to celebrate yourself. Something to look at when you are resting, or something to stimulate conversation in your dining room, or a piece that sweeps you away to another place and time. If it calls to you, you have found that piece. Art created with passion is what makes it beautiful to the beholder.