Classic Home Library Design Ideas

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Every so often a timeless and old world decor trend becomes fashionable, again! Fortunately for the book lover, home libraries are a big trend this decade. Whether you have an entire room, a hallway, or even a small corner, you can make a library in your home a cozy spot for yourself and your family. Peruse our list of design, set up, and décor ideas for your home library.


If you don’t already have built-ins, both wall-mounted shelving and free-standing shelves are great options for displaying your books in any space. Consider pairing a full bookcase with some wall shelving to add dimension to your space.

The Books

As a book-lover, you probably already have a large collection of treasured books. However to add beautiful coloring, elegance and unity to your shelves consider shopping for hardcover books, with binding that matches your color scheme, from flea markets, local libraries and used books stores. A dusty cover makes for the best reading!


Fill in the spots without books using art and decor elements that bring old world style and comfortable sophistication to your home library. Nothing is an old world WOW more than a bronzed hourglass. This is the kind of piece that is useful and fun, and most certainly a conversation piece for guests.

Few boats have libraries, but for some reason, they go together like tea and honey. Add some sailing savoir faire to your home library by displaying the classic America's Cup Model.

If you have full wall shelves, you can display art on the beams in between the books. With a nice ribbon and a stunning work, you have instant refinement.

A library is a placeto combine pieces that bring in cultures from around the world. The Bronze Torso hearkens to the classic Greek style. A piece to be admired, artistically and intellectually inhaled, and passed down to generations to come.

If you have deep shelves, feel free to add to the ambiance by placing an objet d'art or two to add interest to your old world space. Crystal magnifying glasses, handsome and intricate letter openers, clocks, and elements of whimsy are perfect pieces.

Crystal Magnifying Glass - La Bella Fiona

Leather-bound frames for keepsakes, family photos and diplomas are perfect for a space of contemplation and travel memories. Often the homes in the old world had walls and shelves adorned with paintings of loved ones. Most designers say that every room needs a little black and our Black Leather Picture Frames are a great way to display your keepsakes in a modern and classic way.

Black Leather Picture Frames - La Bella Fiona

A love of art, books, and the old world can make for amazing inspiration for a home library. Fill it with books and things you love. No matter how small or large the space, reading is an eternal pursuit and fantastic pastime for the entire family.

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