Keepsake Gifts for Baby

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Welcoming a baby into the world is a marvelous occasion. New parents get gifts that are useful, things they have asked for and wonderful surprises. A keepsake for the baby is the loveliest of gifts one can give new parents.

Something special will be forever cherished.

There are so many unique and lovely things to gift the parents and the new little wonder. None will be more cherished than a rocking horse. The full size, solid wood  Rocking Horses with handmade accents at La Bella Fiona are nothing short of magnificent. A timeless treasure! This is not just for the new baby, but for the generations that will follow. 

A charming bank is a timeless gift for a baby. The Child's Money Bank Merry-Go-Round is an adorable addition to his or her room for a lifetime. Musical and silver-plated it is a glistening addition to a baby’s room.

Elephants represent good luck. They also bring sweetness and fun to any nursery. A silver-plated Child's Money Bank Elephant is a perfect keepsake gift for a baby.

Mobiles are known to be wonderful stimulation and an early educational tool. The darling Flying Skies Mobile is the ideal gift for a baby's nursery. This colorful, but simple mobile is for a boy or girl and will inspire even the youngest minds.

A nursery is an ideal room for vintage dolls. La Bella Fiona has a collection of the prettiest vintage dolls, hand crafted by Italian artisans. Each doll is in its original box. Edna, Isotta, and Antea are the only ones of their kind available.

For the newest and most delicate little flower in the family, a precious Petit Rabbit Bracelet is perfect. It is a keepsake that will last many lifetimes. 

Whatever gift you choose, the sentiment will be appreciated by the parents and remembered with love by the littlest member of the family.