​Chic Ways to Wear a Scarf This Season

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Scarves are back and women could not be more thrilled. They can be worn dozens of ways and worn during all seasons. A pretty scarf can change a look with ease. Scarves can go from day to evening by simply moving it from the handle of a purse to one's shoulders.

Eco-Light Scarf

As summer comes to an end, a delicate scarf with a bit of nature infused in the color and print is a lovely choice. This Eco-Light Scarf can be worn loosely around the neck and allowed to hang simply. Used as a headband it is a classic look. Fold the scarf over until you make a band 2-3 inches wide and tie it under your hair, leaving the ends to rest on your shoulder.You can also simply tie the scarf into a bow at your neck with a blouse for some weekend sophistication.

Dream Scarf

Made from cashmere and silk, the Dream Scarf is ideal to bring your wardrobe into Fall. It is soft and flowing, with a touch of warmth for the cool air soon to come. Wrapped easily around your neck, or worn as a belt around the waist of a Fall tunic, or in the loops of slacks for some work-wear panache, this scarf is for all moods.

Leopard Print Cashmere Scarf

Pins Pins Pins

A fantastic and comfortable way to wear a scarf is to simply put it around one's shoulders and pin it at one side. This is an eternally elegant look for day or night. The Leopard Print Cashmere Scarf and any of these gorgeous vintage button Pins are a lovely combination for making an unforgettable wardrobe statement.

Signature Cashmere Scarf Fleur de Lis Brooch

A simple and pretty scarf is always a great element of a Fall wardrobe. One of the most traditional ways of wearing a scarf is to tie it at the front and pull one end of the scarf through as you would if tying a tie. This makes a loose knot which will keep you warm and be the height of style. The Signature Cashmere Scarf is just that piece. Try adding a coordinating pin like this stunning Fleur de Lis Brooch for extra luxury.