How to Artfully Display Your Photographs

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A gallery of family photos is one of the most special parts of any home's decor. Putting together your most precious memories can be a bit overwhelming, but with La Bella Fiona's helpful tips, you can get the wall, table, or bookshelf vignette you desire.


First you need an anchor piece. The anchor piece is the central piece for the vignette. It can be a framed family photo or a framed item of importance to the family. This will be the item at the center of your display. All the other frames will surround this one, whether on a wall or surface top display. A frame a tad larger or with a unique material, different from the other frames, is a good choice.


Before you place the remainder of the frames on a wall, you can use pieces of paper the size of your frames to lay out your plan. This will be the formation. If you want a formal look, then you can do them in even rows on the wall. If you want something traditional, you can hang them not in any order, but cover most of the wall. Use wall safe tape so you can move the paper around as many times as you wish.



Commonality is important. Using similar and complimentary colors for your frames is important. If you choose to use whites, you can use whites of varying shades and silver. If you use a multicolored frame, you can add various frames with all the shades included. This is an old world form of photo vignette decorating.


The same rules apply for a surface top vignette of photos. Use the anchor frame at the center and surround it with the rest of the frames. You can do the same on a bookshelf by using the center shelf for the anchor piece. Formation can still be considered by evenly spacing the frames on tables and shelves. Do not crowd them so close together that the photos can’t be seen. 


When considering the final element to frame vignettes, commonality, feel free to use a piece with a pop of color. You can surround this piece with subtle versions of the colors in the anchor frame.

If you keep to the advice we have provided, you will make a gorgeous artful vignette of your special memories.