Setting the Mood for Fall: Decorating with Candles

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Candlelight means so many things. It is the epitome of romance, the height of decorative sophistication, and the ideal elegant element to a Fall dinner table vignette. Candles can bring beautiful scents into a home. There are so many lovely ways you can add candles to your life for every day or holiday ambiance.

Windsor Candleholder

Our gorgeous Windsor Candleholder is perfectly lovely for a formal living room or an old world bedroom. Elegant and made with hundreds of sparkling Swarovski crystals, this piece is just the one to ring in Fall’s splendor.

Pewter Candleholder

Make your dining room a place your friends and family will want to gather for the holidays. Light the room with a few of our vintage Pewter Candleholders to bring warmth and refinement to your dinners.

Elegante Candleholder

Placed on bookshelves or tables, the Elegante Candleholders provide just what the name states- elegance! Lit, this pretty pair is perfect for dinning, relaxing, or taking a long, hot bath during a Fall cold-snap.

Imagine yourself bundled up in a pretty scarf, walking the aisles of the Farmer's Market, taking in all the scents Fall has to offer and wishing you could take them home with you. The #9 Farmer's Market Candle will do just that by bringing the crisp Fall fresh scents, with simple, yet warm light into your home.

If you are looking for the sweet scents of the outdoors and delicate light, the Lumiere Fragrant Candle is exactly what your space and mood need. So pretty with a vintage mercury glass holder that casts a soft, glowing light, these candles work for any room, any time of day, but absolutely sparkle during the Fall and the upcoming holidays. With these few simple additions, you can bring a little extra warmth to your home décor this Fall. Just a few simple candles with luxurious scents in elegant candleholders will make all the difference this Fall season.