​Setting Up a Dessert Table for the Holidays

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The most anticipated part of any food related gathering is the serving of the dessert. With access to a treasure-trove of recipes and decorating inspiration so easily granted on  Pinterest there is no shortage of creativity and delectable baked goods we can share with our loved ones. In addition, bakeries, chocolateries, and high-end cake shops have truly made dessert an art-form. This holiday season delight and enchant your family, friends and guests by arranging an elegant and delicious dessert table for their eyes to feast upon. 

Dessert service is best done, if possible, on a rectangular table. Having to reach to the center of a round table makes service difficult. You can use a coffee table if your dining table does not have the proper shape. If you are tight on space, you can use counters and a desk; just cover them with tablecloths as you would a dining table or coffee table. Always leave space at the very center for a centerpiece of tall flowers. Use an interesting vase that matches the decor of your tablescape. Like a  Log Vase for a table inspired by pine trees or fall leaves. 

Log Vase - La Bella Fiona

Next, place the taller cake stands toward the back and in the center of the dessert service setting. A tiered service piece works well. The Volterra 2-TieredStand is perfect for small and elegant Petit Fours and bite-sized dessert pieces, or holiday cookies. Several plain cake stands are the ideal service for a tiered look. Your beautiful holiday cakes will be stunners on these simple, yet classic, service pieces.


Clear glass can be dressed-up with any number of colors and type of style or manner of formality. The Cero Cake Stand is perfect. To add an extra touch of luxury, top it with the Cero Cake Dome. A perfect set.


For the front and sides of the serving table, flat and low service is best. Platters are great for this purpose. Our Foresta Rectangular Tray is festive for traditional holidays. These can be used for small, sweet bites. A picturesque pitcher is nice for tall treats such as sweet pastry straws and decorated pretzel wands for the stars of the holiday season, the children.


For the adult treats, such as chocolate covered nuts, fruits, and festive-colored candies, and liquor filled chocolates, use the Cero Centerpiece.


Now that you have your dessert service table set, you will need serveware. You need to have several pieces so that guests are not waiting too long to get their holiday treats. The Bella Bianca PastyServer (pictured left) is simple and elegant; the Isabella PastryServer (pictured right) looks just lovely for any holiday.


With your platters and bowls and stands filled to the brim with goodies it’s time to add some holiday whimsy. For Thanksgiving add some natural Fall foliage. Just go outside and find an array of gorgeous orange, yellow, and brown colored leaves. For some extra fun include small pumpkins and gourds.


For Christmas and other holidays add some ribbon to match your holiday décor. Include branches from your tree, or some poinsettias, and intermix some extra ornaments too! Just play around with natural fresh elements, accessories you already own, and maybe some candles for ambience.

These are the days of friends, family, and good cheer. Putting together a festive table will make it all that much more joyful!

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