Styling a Rustic Italian Entryway

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We all muse about those yellow, hundred-year old Italian villas, the hills covered in olive trees, the purple flowers covering the gardens where people have marvelous outdoor feasts.

We imagine the spectacular decor and ancient furnishings on display in that charming Italian villa and wish we could bring it into our homes.

Rustic Italian style is one of the most sought-after aesthetics in decor. The most wonderful thing about rustic Italian design is that it is without pretense. It is an old world style of classic charm and warmth. Bringing these beautiful elements into your home is easy.Just a few basic pieces will bring the serenity of the Tuscan hills to your entryway.

The oldest of the old world traditions in Italy is the tapestry. Hanging a tapestry will bring immediate old world charm into your entry. The colors of Italian nature and the images of the Italian artists from hundreds of years ago are exactly what are intended for rustic Italian design.Place a long console table in front of your tapestry and you have the start to the perfect entryway.

Tuscan pottery is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. There are villas throughout Italy that hold the treasures from centuries of families. In its shape, color, and intricate detail, the Capri Footed Bowl is that ideal piece.


The entryways in Italian rustic villas have vases filled with olive branches. They are not born from intricate planning, but from the natural beauty of the Italian hills. The Corda Vase recreates the vases made from nature in the old world.

Bowls hold special places in the history of ancient Italy. They were painted in the most amazing colors with the most intricate of details. The Lustro Footed Bowl is a stunning piece, painted to look as though it were crafted hundreds of years ago by an Italian artisan living among those purple covered Tuscan hills.

The colors that grow in those pristine hills of Italy are foundno other place in the world. Bringing those spectacular rustic displays of nature into your comes in the form of our Giovanna Flower Arrangement.

Using your vision for the warmth of ancient Italy can make your entryway the rustic space you have always dreamed of. With some basic pieces, little effort, and some old world instinct, that piece of Italy will belong to you.